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Pregnancy is a strange and wonderful experience. Maternity photography is a beautiful way to capture the wonderful moments of expecting a child. These 5 tips will help you get some amazing maternity photos at your next session.

  1. Choose 25-38 Weeks of Pregnancy

The perfect time for pregnancy photography is between 25-38 weeks. You don’t want to do it too early when the bump is still small, nor do you want it too late. Before the 25th week of pregnancy, the bump may not be too big, so the photos taken may not be very beautiful. But after 38 weeks, the due date is approaching, and mothers-to-be may feel uncomfortable and tired when taking photos. Therefore, do it between the 25-38 weeks of pregnancy. During the 32-38 weeks of pregnancy, the belly looks round and beautiful, perfect for those lovely maternity photos! Of course, it all depends on the needs and circumstances of every woman.

  1. Think of a Proper Location

Locations play an important role in setting the mood for your maternity photos. An outdoor location, while can give you a stunning landscape and natural beauty, but the impact of weather on pregnant women should be considered. Outdoor weather also affects the light and affects shooting. Besides, pregnant women are inconvenient to move. Therefore, choosing indoor is better.

An indoor session can be more private and comfortable, although it’s a little bit more restricting compared to outdoor locations, and you might have to compensate with a lot more creative props and poses to keep the photos interesting and unique.

  1. Prepare Comfortable Clothes

An outfit is very important in maternity photography. Like in other kinds of photography, maternity portraits need to consider the subject’s comfort in terms of clothing. Of course, it would be better to select clothes which can accentuate her belly. Regardless of what style clothing, it’s crucial to let the mom to wear comfortable ones, that can accentuate the baby bump while guaranteeing comfort.

Besides, makeup is also an important step. Every expectant mother wants to take beautiful pictures of pregnancy.  Your hair and make-up depend on the shooting theme, but nevertheless, keep it simple. Keep it natural, with simple make-up, a light foundation, eye shadow, eyeliner, mascara and a natural tone lipstick. Style your hair as naturally as possible.

  1. Use Backdrops for Indoor Maternity Photo Shoot

If you do maternity photography indoor, backdrops will be a good helper. Photography backdrops are essential in photo shoots because they can set the mood of the image, especially for studio photography. A backdrop can create different scenes to make photos more artistic. Sometimes different kinds of backdrops can also adjust the light of photography.

Some backdrops perfect for maternity photography:

Beautiful Flower Backdrop


Retro Wood Backdrop 


  1. Communicate with Your Client

If you don’t know each other, even if you know, your client may feel nervous about the coming shooting, especially for expectant mothers who will take pregnancy photos for the first time. The first thing you need to do is to communicate with her before shooting, understand the needs of the client, and answer her questions. It is very important to provide client with all the information from the beginning.

Make a phone call and have a quick chat beforehand so that when she walks into the studio, you will already be a bit familiar with each other. During the shooting, you can give some guidance to her, such as how to pose. More communication will make her less anxious and enjoy the whole shooting.

  1. Note More Details

The comfort of the mother-to-be should be your number one priority. Therefore, you should note more details. Make sure that she’s never too warm or too cold! If she’s posing in her underwear, you should always cover her with a robe or blanket when you’re not shooting to ensure her privacy and comfort.

Get wide, medium, and close-up shots, shoot from different angles, and keep in mind that people often look their best if the camera is slightly above them. Try posing the mom at a 45-degree angle to the camera to show off the baby bump.

Whether you have your glowing, pregnant subject all lined up and ready to go, or you’re researching for future projects, hope these maternity photography tips will help you at ease at the session, and also get the best photos!

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