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Ballet photography is the epitome of elegance. It can be beautiful, thought provoking and moving. But it also can be a lot of hard work. A few posing tips and photography backdrops can go a long way.

Here are some backdrops that suitable for Ballet Photography.

Flower Abstract Portrait Photography Backdrop

Flower Abstract Portrait Photography Backdrop


This abstract flower background is very artistic. With blurred effect, it looks like a watercolor painting. Combined flower arch design, it can bring out the beauty of ballet dancers.

 Pink Solid Color Portrait Photography Backdrop 

Solid Color Portrait Photography Backdrop Baby Pink Photo Background

Pink is a romantic color, representing cuteness, warmth, tenderness, youth, liveliness, love and other meanings. Pink backdrop perfectly shows the vigor and vitality of young ballet dancers.

Abstract Stucco Wall Texture Backdrop 

The design of this backdrop is very special. Coupled with post-processing, it will make your ballet photos unique and beautiful.Abstract Stucco Wall Texture Backdrop for Photo Studio

 Abstract Brown Black Textured backdrop UK for Photo Booth

Brown abstract backdrop is suitable for all portrait shots. You won’t go wrong by using it for taking ballet dancer photos.  

Double photo pose

  1. Arms akimbo and look at each other with a smile


  1. One person lying down, one person standing


  1. Both of two put their foreheads on each other and make a smile


  1. One person standing with arms outstretched, one person sitting


Single pose

  1. Standing


  1. Doing splits


  1. Kneeling on one knee


  1. Tiptoe and do a spin


  1. Do jumping


Ballet photography can be hugely beneficial to your dancing career particularly when you get it right. You can use it to improve all kinds of photography skills including action, dance, and portrait. Always keep the points of the ballet photography at the forefront of your mind and keep practicing.


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