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What Backdrops Should I Choose for Portrait Photography

Solid Color Backdrops

Solid color backdrops are must-have for any photography studio, suitable for any type photography. Generally speaking, white, black and gray are the most commonly used. Of course, if you want to show some vitality, bright color backdrop is also a good choice, such as pink, yellow and so on.

Solid color backdrops

Abstract Textured Backdrops

Textured backdrops are extremely popular with portrait photography. Due to the classic look, they work well for every type of photo shoot. Abstract textured backdrops have many beautiful colors and feature artistic touch, helpful to highlight the subject.

For example, gray abstract backdrop is helpful to draw attention to the subject face, while brown abstract backdrops make for classic portrait shots. You won’t go wrong with abstract backdrops for portrait photography.

Grey Abstract Textured Photography backdrop UK for Studio


Flower Backdrops

Flowers have always been a beautiful decoration for taking pictures. No matter what type of photo is taken, the floral background is always an excellent accent. Flower backdrop creates a hazy and romantic mood. It is an ideal choice whether taking ordinary portrait photos or artistic photos. 



Wood Backdrops

Wood backdrops feature realistic design and look like floor. A wood backdrop gives you retro mood, portrait shots against such a background look very pleasant, while the entire picture acquires homey mood. They are suitable for leisure portrait photography. On the other hand, wood backdrops can also be used as a floor mat, such as used for newborn photography.

Beautiful Snowflake Wooden Photography backdrop


Brick Wall Backdrops

Brick wall is simple and natural, so that brick backdrop is an ideal for portrait shooting background, especially when you want to create a realistic and natural scene. There are no distracting elements, no matter what theme you shoot, such backdrop will only add the beauty of the subject being photographed.

Old White Brick Wall Lights Photography Backdrop

One of the most important elements of portrait photography is choosing a good background. The right portrait backdrop will not only make your subject look great in the photo, but also help you create your own artistic style.

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