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Still life photography is a kind of fine art photography, which is more like a painting. It is one of the basic skills that photographers should learn and master. How to start still life photography as a beginner? Here are some tips for you.


 1.Choose a Theme

What kind of photos you take is completely up to you. Look for something interesting but simple as your subject. Try to avoid objects with reflective surfaces such as grass and metal, because the light used to shoot them is very difficult to control. Once you have mastered the shooting skills of a single object, try to shoot several objects together. It is best to take a few objects with different shapes, colors, and textures to see if you can achieve good results.


 2.Consideration of Light

It is not necessary to use very expensive lighting equipment, try to use the available lighting equipment to shoot still life. If you can effectively use general lighting, you can also achieve good results. Be sure to try a few more placements besides placing it in front of the actual object. The lights projected from the side and back can achieve better shooting effect. Or you can choose a room where the light comes from only one window, and use this as an advantage. Sunlight illuminates the object from an angle, you can use other lights or reflectors to adjust the desired light.


3.Tripod and Angle

It is recommended to use a tripod for still life photography, so that you can better observe and photograph the subject. It can also make the aperture speed slightly longer, move the focus point of the image forward, and blur the background if necessary.


However, do not let the fixed-position camera limit your creativity. Adjust the angle and height when shooting to avoid that all photos are taken from one angle. You can try a bird's-eye view to shoot the subject, shooting from top to bottom, but be careful not to cast shadows on the subject during the movement.


 4.Use the Right Background

Choosing a right background plays an important role in creating a successful work. It is best to use simple but beautiful background, so that it will not have a big impact on the objects you are shooting. The white wall is a good choice. If you want to diversify the background to create different styles, you can use some photography backdrops.


 5.Combination of Shooting Elements

The combination of various creative elements is essential for taking unique and exquisite still life photography. Combining the rule of thirds, you should consider how to make your work achieve the best combination of various elements. Make sure that there are no distracting elements in the picture, only the subject and background.


Photography is a skill that needs constant practice and experimentation, still life photography is no exception. Make your photography a daily practice, and you’re sure to see your skills improve with each exercise.


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